At Kung Fu Schools Wimbledon, you will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a great learning experience for your child. Through our Kung Fu Classes, we offer a wide range of teaching techniques to keep your child engaged while learning.

We work with a positive attitude, focusing on rewarding and praising children for good behaviour, focus, and technique.

Kung Fu offers many different opportunities for improvement, be it your self-confidence, self-awareness, physical fitness and many other aspects. We know of the importance of improving your mental as well as your physical strength, which is why we encourage a non-competitive setting in our children’s classes so you can focus on the “I cans” not the “I cant’s”.

Within our classes, we aim to build your child’s confidence, discipline, and focus. Our aim is improving their overall technique, fitness, perseverance, and self-awareness, while they have fun and make friends.