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Children’s Kung Fu Classes

Our children’s classes are split into two age groups.

At Kung Fu Schools Wimbledon we offer two different teaching programmes. Little Dragons for ages 4-6 and Juniors for ages 7 – 12. This allows our students to learn and communicate with other students of their age group. Both our programmes work on a grading system, with coloured sashes/belts rewarded for each grade they pass. We also encourage our students to strive for their black belt and push further once they have reached it.

We provide different class structures and techniques based on the ability of the students we are teaching. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes are separated, allowing us to teach in this way.

Our structured lesson plans allow your child to feel comfortable and experienced in our classes while continuing to learn and build their skill with the varying curriculum we offer.



Children’s Classes

“Little Dragons”



Within our Little Dragon classes we focus on character building exercises which improve confidence, as well as physical abilities. Our syllabus is primarily structured towards teaching the children the fundamentals of Kung Fu. We teach basic body movements, fine motor skills and gross motor skills, providing a base for our future black belts.

All children learn at different paces. We ensure all our students are given attention and guidance in every class, to encourage each child to reach their full potential.



Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 8-12

“Junior Warriors”


In our Junior classes, we introduce a more complex syllabus while still maintaining that fun and friendly atmosphere. Improving their basic self-defence capabilities, we introduce partner to partner work, and drills. We encourage our students, as future black belts, to focus and train to their full potential.



Adult Classes

Here at Kung Fu Schools, we work hard to ensure all our adult students get the most out of our enjoyable and engaging classes. With friendly instructors and a non-competitive training environment, we aim to help each individual grow to the best of their abilities.

Are you looking to:

  • -Learn a new skill?
  • -Build on your confidence and street awareness?
  • -Improve your fitness levels?
  • -Gain self defence techniques and knowledge?
  • -Train in a friendly environment?
  • -Improve your overall wellness?
If you said ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then our Martial Arts classes could be perfect for you!
We offer weekly classes, split into different ability groups. From absolute beginner, to advanced students, you can find a place at Kung Fu Schools, potentially making life long friends along the way!
To begin your personal martial arts journey, in our progressive and fully structured system, why not contact us today and start your 4 week free trial



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